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Benefits of Asynchronous Learning and Development

Published Thu Apr 15 2021

Benefits of Asynchronous Learning and Development

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Asynchronous learning is a term you might be familiar with, as it has seen a rise in 2020 and 2021. It is defined as learning that does not take place in “real time,” but rather, asynchronously. It uses learning outside the constraints of the time and space of the participating groups of people.

This practice is not new, but many of us became reacquainted with it during the previous year. The digital element of asynchronous learning is often used, but it is not a requirement.


According to Training Industry, there will be some permanent changes in how we conduct our lives after this pandemic passes. It’s time to use some new and creative strategies to make learning and development successful, educational, and engaging.

There are many benefits to asynchronous learning, such as:

Individualization of Learning and Individual Pacing. Having a learning and development session that isn’t “one size fits all” allows for a higher level of individualization in programs. Participants can work at their own pace, sometimes in a group, sometimes individually. As people and as learners we are unique, so our educational programs should also be flexible and accommodating.

Asynchronous Collaboration on Work. Gone are the days when collaborating on projects had to happen in person and at the same time. Now groups can work together on projects online without even being in the same time zone!

Learning Can Be Built on and Improved. Asynchronous learning challenges the norm of traditional L&D sessions. The amazing part is that these programs are flexible enough to be built on and improved as we go along. You’re not stuck in one mold, and practices can be changed based on feedback and needs.


It’s time to rethink how we approach learning and development, and asynchronous learning may be the way to go.

How to Use Asynchronous Learning for Success

For solutions moving forward, we’ve got some tips so you can begin implementing an asynchronous learning environment for your team.

It has never been more important for your employees to be financially literate and receive the best training available. To do this, we want to show you how you can implement the asynchronous learning methods above for success.

Tip #1: Individualization of learning: Separate the L&D participants into virtual and in-person training. This is a great start to breaking the mold of traditional educational thinking because it allows for learners to participate “out of sync” at their own pace.

Also, offering both classroom and virtual learning options will help maintain lower group sizes that meet the CDC’s recommendations and satisfies the various comfort levels of the learners regarding COVID-19.


Tip #2: Focus on design for asynchronous collaboration on work. According to ATD, design is important for any trainer regardless of delivery mode. Make sure your training content is both engaging and adaptable. Content that can be used both in the classroom and online is effective and efficient for these uncertain times, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to take place at the same time.

There are plenty of tools out there like MURAL.com that use a virtual whiteboard that participants can engage with and collaborate on at any time. Thinking outside the box can make your training visually engaging and successful.

Tip #3: Learning can be built on and improved: Invest in a third party for trainers and facilitators. The cool thing about asynchronous learning is that your model can be constantly improved on. You’re not stuck in one training mould. This is why we recommend bringing in a third party to help with the hybrid element.

As previously noted by Training Industry, there will be permanent changes, virtual training being one of them. Your trainers can be more powerful by making them adaptable to both classroom and virtual-based settings.

Paradigm’s new solution, Zodiak Pro, is a great way to provide a hybrid element, especially if you want to outsource this solution. We’ve made a helpful infographic that explains the way Zodiak can solve your unique problems with fun, engaging, and modern methods. Take a look at Zodiak Pro in action to see the power of asynchronous training for your company. View the infographic here.

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