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Best of the Blog: February


Thu Feb 28 2013


In February, we covered a wide range of topics from HTML5 to authoring tools to 3D printing and biometrics. Here are a few of the most popular posts of the month.

3D Printing in Training


by Jessica Knox

Jess gives a great overview of 3D printing and how the technology works. She then goes on to imagine how this disruptive technology could be used for training. This is a great post for anyone interested in 3D printing and how it may affect the world of learning and development.

Don’t Blame the Tools

by Sarah Gilbert

Easy-to-use rapid development tools often take a lot of flak for creating really bad e-learning. Here, Sarah breaks down 5 reasons why e-learning fails – and it’s not because of the tool. This post is a must-read for any e-learning professional.


Let Your Design Skills Shine­—Even in HTML5

by Judy Unrein

Judy recaps her experience moderating a TK Chat on Authoring Tools and HTML5. In particular she examines how designers who aren’t super technical can get back to basics and still design interactive and engaging learning experiences.

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