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Blended Training Is a Process


Wed Dec 03 2014

Blended Training Is a Process

You’ve probably heard the familiar phrase, “training is a process, not an event,” but have you thought about what this idea looks like in action? What does this phrase mean for instructional designers? How do you apply it to training curriculum design?

It’s become increasingly rare to design a face-to-face training class that lasts multiple days. Instead, today’s employees tend to learn in bites and chunks, with training delivered in small pieces of content. Most people learn best when new information arrives over time as it’s needed.


So how can instructional designers plan for this type of training design?

They intentionally design a blended curriculum! They choose the best possible delivery method for each learning objective, and structure these small chunks into a logical progression. They motivate learners to complete assignments and immediately apply those lessons learned to their work environment.

ATD's Blended Learning Certificate program models this method by immersing participants into a blended curriculum. Through online assignments, a classroom experience, and live virtual learning, participants in the Blended Learning Certificate program discover how to design a training process to maximize employee learning.

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