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Mon Oct 11 2010


(From education.ezinemark.com) Situational leadership deals with the idea that no one is the absolute leader, rather depending on the situation a particular person can demonstrate the leadership qualities that are necessary to deal with it. Situational leadership teaches about flexible leadership.

The theory of situational leadership was popularized by Paul Hersey, author of Situational Leader, and Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manage; in their book Management of Organizational Behavior. The theory states that there is no absolute method of leadership; rather, it is flexible to the situation.


Situational leadership propagates the idea that leadership policy should be sensitive and flexible to the situation. Effective leadership would be based on task and target. The strategy of the leader would also depend upon the team he is leading. It states that 'nothing is more unequal than equal treatment to unequals'.

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