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Book Brief: Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions


Tue Sep 04 2012



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Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives


_By Keith Rosen

Wiley, 2008**

Technology has changed the way companies develop their sales leaders, such as managers using virtual environments to cultivate their sales teams. Although new technology offers managers a way to more quickly and efficiently manage their sales groups from a distance, many have lost their ability to develop sales people into effective leaders.

About the book

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is an essential playbook that sales managers can reference on a daily basis to develop executive sales coaching skills. Using a tactical coaching system that is easy to deploy on a consistent basis, this book shows leaders how to realize the potential of their sales teams, and keep their best talent with their organizations.


Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions provides a proven procedure and tactical approach for coaching that brings together philosophy and execution so that you can implement an efficient process to develop a first-class sales team and achieve the meaningful results you want.

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions allows readers to discover how to:

  • coach your salespeople to become self-motivated through the Art of Enrollment

  • handle difficult salespeople and determine when to let them go without collateral damage

  • empower salespeople to solve their own problems and become fully accountable for their success using the L.E.A.D.S. Coaching System—rather than being dependent on you.

An excerpt from the book

It is a scientific fact that human beings have not tapped into their fullest potential. People drive growth and innovation. This applies to our business, our company, our managers, and, subsequently, our salespeople. Taking on the burden of management and the responsibility for increasing the value of each person on your team is a noble undertaking. This unique class of people is referred to as our manager, our brave and fearless leader, our CEO, our president, or our senior executive VP. It is unfortunate, in many cases, this role has been taken on by people who are untrained for it…

Management, coaching, empowerment, accountability, motivation, leadership. These noble words have become so diluted in meaning and so irrelevant in business that many managers mistakenly believe that they actually know how to manage and coach their salespeople. They even think they do a good job…


In this first chapter, I will introduce you to the missing discipline of sales coaching in leadership. A new breed of managers is taking the helm, the executive sales coach, that is changing traditional management strategies. I will dispel the myths and misconceptions of traditional management and explain why it simply does not work. I will also introduce you to a new, more powerful approach to developing your salespeople into sales champions. Finally, I will describe the characteristics of the world’s greatest sales coaches and the obstacles that must be conquered in order to become one…

Additional book excerpts can be found on the Coaching SalesPeople into Sales Champions website.

About the author

Keith Rosen is the president of Profit Builders and the executive sales coach that top managers, sales professionals, and executives in many of the world's leading companies call first. As a prominent, engaging speaker, master coach, and well-known author, Rosen is one of the foremost authorities on assisting people to achieve positive, measurable changes in their attitudes, in their behaviors, and in their results. His other books include Time Management for Sales Professionals, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Closing the Sale and Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.

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