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Building a Stronger Workplace Culture With Hybrid and In-Office Workers

Published Fri Nov 17 2023

Building a Stronger Workplace Culture With Hybrid and In-Office Workers

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Talent development professionals are currently facing a unique set of challenges with uniting workplace culture and increasing employee engagement. As organizations navigate the particularly complex return to office with some employees remaining hybrid, many encounter a journey that may last years. But waiting until all the questions and details are settled is not an option; companies will need to act swiftly before workplace morale begins to suffer.

Solving and Normalizing the Return to the Workplace

The last few years have transformed how we work, bringing a slew of normalized remote work practices, hybrid models, and significant changes in employee expectations. With an overly burdened department, how can HR professionals navigate the “whack-a-mole” challenges that arise as offices are in different states of transition to a physical office? And how can they do this while maintaining and enhancing workplace culture? A few common—though not exhaustive— challenges that we’ve seen arise from our customers include:

  • Uncertainty and anxiety from employees needing to compromise on the flexibility they enjoyed with remote work. How can HR provide a supportive environment?

  • Workplace divisions, which can emerge between those who could work remotely and those who had to work on-site. In what ways can departments rebuild and reunite?

  • Misaligned team dynamics as teams may have changed or evolved during the pandemic. How can HR facilitate efforts to ensure cohesion within the workplace?

  • New skill shortfalls as employees may have to evolve with the rapid evolution of the workplace. What skills can HR foster to establish modern competencies?

A quick guide built from extended HR experience

Prioritizing employee engagement and culture is essential in honing a solution, and waiting for the dust to settle is not an option. To help get your team started right away, we’ve compiled a quick infographic to help brainstorm unique solutions for your company.

For more insights, check out our free report: Five Proven Strategies for Empowering Hybrid Workers.

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