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Building Business Skill


Thu Jan 01 1987


Train with Business Skill

According to the book "World Class Selling: New Sales Competencies", the art of building business skill involves demonstrating business understanding to develop solutions relevant to business success. Key Actions include:

  • Incorporating business and industry acumen into work. (Understanding terminology and key processes to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

  • Exhibits business oriented perspectives in assessing tools. (How to achieve profitability, assessing value and priorities).

  • Incorporates leagal and contractual requirements into work. (Standard contracts, Statement of Work, requirements and setting expectations.

  • Incorporates financial understanding into work. (Costs and financial returns, business value, resource positioning.

The emphasis on teaching business skills training is is unique. The knowledge and understanding that each business has distinct challenges, strengths, and weaknesses is crucial to delivering quality sales training. The best sales trainers will invest time and energy into creating programs that address each business need, employee need, and management / leadership need. Strive to develop a long-term solution to business needs in a way that best suits the the individual and your company.

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