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Building Public Trust Through Government Workforce Training

Published Wed Aug 21 2019

Building Public Trust Through Government Workforce Training

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By Jackie Oppenheim

In my role as the head of training and events for RICS in the Americas, I see firsthand how essential training is in building the skills necessary to ensure public trust in valuation and the built environment. Whether you work with an international body or a municipal government department, having people with the knowledge and training to enact best practices and apply rigorous, widely applicable standards and policies is crucial.


As the leading international body for standards in land, valuation, infrastructure, construction, and real estate, RICS is uniquely positioned to deliver the most up-to-date and thorough training in best practices for the public sector. With a diversified range of professional members and subject matter experts, RICS is able to create tailored training initiatives that address the specific needs of government workforces—and has a successful track record of working with governments in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

RICS puts these standards at the forefront of its public workforce training in construction, infrastructure, real estate, valuation of business and intangible assets and property and facility management. These sectors deeply impact the lives of constituents, so having public servants with knowledge of leading international standards and best practices—as well as the skills to act on that knowledge—is essential for governments in their effort to build and maintain public trust.

In fact, RICS views public trust as a long-term enabler of success. Its training builds more than just a public perception for governments and their employees. It creates training that provides cross-sector insights and a view of future trends to enable decision makers, looking at the built environment through a whole lifecycle lens for decisions that lead to sustainable solutions with practical benefits.

RICS is a sponsor of ATD Government Workforce Learning Innovations Training Summit. Join them September 12 to learn more about how it can help public managers develop global knowledge that can address local, sector-specific issues and empower those working in government to deliver fair outcomes that build public trust in institutions.

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