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Career Development Excellence in Practice Awards


Tue May 28 2013


Each year the American Society for Training & Development recognizes individuals and teams who advance the knowledge of the workplace learning and performance profession and contribute to workforce capability and organizational competitiveness through their exemplary practices. Their work inspires and informs us all, and their accomplishments demonstrate how learning drives the performance of businesses and organizations worldwide.  

The Excellence in Practice category recognizes organizations for results achieved through learning and performance solutions. Awards are presented for proven practices that have delivered measurable results, and Citations are presented for practices from which much can be learned.


Here are this year's winner and citation in the area of career development.  

**Award: AMP Horizons

**_Sydney, Australia

_The Career Changer Program

Recognizing that success of new financial managers required more than just competency with numbers and sales skills, Australia-based AMP Horizons created a career development program focused on self-belief and conviction in the difference one can make as a financial advisor.


The Career Changer Program begins with a 10-week induction followed by nine months of mentoring and on-the-job experience. It’s what the company calls “The Professional Year,” the conclusion of which allows graduates to start their own financial planning practice or join an existing practice as an employee.

It is a truly blended program comprising tutorials, workshops, online learning, coaching, virtual practice, role plays, guest speakers, peer groups, panel discussions, assignments, iPad applications, webinars, video conferences, and teleconferences. The content includes not only technical aspects of being a competent financial advisor, but also essential soft skills such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, vision-building exercises, and positive psychology.

Since launching in 2007, the results have been extraordinary. The number of new recruits has almost tripled while the cost of the program has decreased by 17 percent. Graduates are earning greater revenues and securing more meetings with clients, and the program has been rolled out nationally, servicing major cities and regions in Australia. Most significantly, the program is the only one of its kind aligned with an academic institution, which provides graduates with credit towards a Masters of Financial Planning.


**Citation: Infosys Limited


**_Bangalore, India

_Pathfinder Career Development Initiative

Due to an expanding portfolio of service offerings, Infosys Limited realized a growing need to create a diversified and competent talent pool. Pathfinder was introduced as a platform that focused on providing employees with enabling mechanisms and opportunities for career development.

A Virtual Career Center hosted real time information on various career related aspects, career seminars and career fairs. The Career Guidance program provided a platform for employees to have one-on-one discussions with managers to help realize their career aspirations. Pathfinder created a culture where employees take ownership for their careers.

The Pathfinder initiative has been successful in creating innovative solutions. This is exemplified through the multiple solutions and tools developed by the interns in exciting areas like Cloud, Mobile Augmented Reality, Social Networking, Gesture Based Navigation, and Airline Economics. Most of these internships have implications for business either in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency through development of better tools, or revenue generation in the longer term.

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