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Career Resiliency for Women: Podcast With Lynn Schmidt and Kevin Nourse

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Wed Mar 22 2017

Career Resiliency for Women: Podcast With Lynn Schmidt and Kevin Nourse
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In this podcast, Sue Kaiden, Career Development Community manager, interviews Lynn Schmidt and Kevin Nourse, authors of Shift Into Thrive: Six Strategies for Women to Unlock the Power of Resiliency, about resiliency and women in the workplace. 

Lynn Schmidt has more than 20 years of experience as a talent management and organization development leader in large organizations across multiple industries. She also has more than 15 years of experience as an executive coach and received her coaching credential from the International Coach Federation. Kevin Nourse is a research-based executive coach with more than 20 years of progressive coaching and leadership development experience in both for-profit and governmental organizations. He focuses his practice on building resilient leaders and teams.


Listen to the podcast to learn the basics about resiliency and discover suggested actions that women can take to address issues they encounter in the workplace. In the podcast Lynn and Kevin answer questions such as: 

  • What is unique about women and resiliency? How does it differ for women versus men? 

  • What progress has occurred over the last few years regarding women and gender issues in the workplace? 

  • What are the biggest challenges women face today in the workplace? 

  • Why is there a negative bias toward strong women who are seeking—or are in—leadership roles? How can women navigate these biases? 

  • How do women stay emotionally strong during challenges? 

For answers to these questions and more, listen to this podcast or one of the others in our series or attend Lynn and Kevin's session, Six Powerful Resiliency Strategies for Women to Thrive at Work, on May 22 at our International Conference and Exposition in Atlanta.

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