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Thu May 19 2016

Coaching for Excellence

I have been an executive coach for the past four years; it is the most rewarding area of my work as a trainer and management consultant. To be able to effectively coach another person and help her find purpose is like giving that person a gift. It is so special when, in the middle of a coaching session, you see the person’s face light up, a look of joy or amazement on her face when she discovers something about herself or finds an inspirational solution to a problem. A true lightbulb moment! 

As a result of coaching, I have greater understanding of human behavior and thinking. My journey to become a coach has made me a better, more complete, and fulfilled person. I have found my purpose, which is to contribute to the lives of others through coaching and just be there for another person—mindful and present. 


It is important to realize that training, counseling, mentoring, and coaching are all different. Coaching is about asking incisive questions to help those being coached find their own answers. It is not about giving advice or making suggestions. 

There are many important coaching skills, such as: 

  • listening 

  • building rapport 

  • creating empathy 

  • using “clean” language 

  • building trust 

  • holding the coaching “space.” 

I will be discussing these skills in my session, Driving Productivity, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Brilliant Coaching, at ATD 2016 on Sunday, May 22, and I hope you will join me.

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