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Coach’s Corner: Melissa’s Journal


Wed Jun 05 2013

Coach’s Corner: Melissa’s Journal-93006379c8a751c154a73d4c98a6dccac11cb061cba3d426dfcb0823056da692

As a coach, I ask my clients to journal daily in an online journal. I receive their journals and then respond by asking questions or providing a comment that pushes the coaching experience forward. I usually provide journaling prompts that guide the conversation, but sometimes my clients write in a ”stream of consciousness” and just share what they are thinking or feeling in the moment.

The following journal excerpt was written by a former lawyer:


“I need to calm down after recent teenage drama at home that really got me going. I know that shifting gears and looking at what went well today will help with this before bed.

We finished up the Rotman Project that we were conducting at work. It feels good to have completion on this project. I am crossing it off the list as a success. I really enjoyed the team I was working with—everyone was positive and very straightforward in their communication. It was such a breath of fresh air to get this done with so much ease. It really didn’t feel like heavy lifting.

It rained this morning when I woke up but then it turned into a beautiful day. It was such a pleasure to be outside. I love the sunshine beaming down on my face. The grass is green and the trees are full of leaves. The air feels fresh and invigorating. I walked Abby, too, this morning—she let me hold her hand the whole way.

I had a great conversation with a relatively new friend. We spent some time talking about our lives and respective challenges. I am so grateful for the relationship we are developing!”

If you were her coach, where would you take this conversation? How would you respond to this journal? What would you explore? Use the comment space below to submit your response.


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