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Coming in January T+D: Allison Rossett's E-Learning Pulse Check


Tue Dec 08 2009


In January T+D, Allison Rossett and James Marshall report some surprising survey results on the state of e-learning---what it means today and where it's going in the near future. Shocker #1: Classroom learning is nowhere near death:

"We collected practices associated with e-learning, from the most familiar, such as computers supporting face-to-face instruction inside classrooms, to more emergent modes that take learning and support into the workplace, encourage collaboration, and deliver using mobile devices. We then crafted 26 diverse e-learning "snapshots," piloted and edited them, and then made them widely available using SurveyMonkey.com, an online survey system. Five professional groups, including ASTD's Learning Circuits and the eLearning Guild, invited their members to weigh in on the snapshots...


"If your view of e-learning hails from conferences, blogs, and magazines, you would think that the classroom is near death and that the web is the beating heart of training and development. Messages have gone mobile. Employees are empowered. Instructors are vestigial. Learning is blended, regularly occurring in classrooms and beyond, even in the workplace. And content flows from experts and users, too, in tasty, bite-sized morsels. But is that how it is?"

Stay tuned for the January T+D for more on "how it is!"

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