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Corporate and University Relationships: Point/Counterpoint


Fri Mar 30 2012


Howard Prager takes the Corporate view:

Corporations and universities are natural partners in so many ways – students for internships and and careers; updated learning for new skills; fund raising and grants for research; etc.  Despite these many linkages, universities don’t seem to understand what’s important to corporations, and that is how they can serve their needs…AND how can they have one point of contact so that they can be more effective?


Corporations see universities as a place to get new knowledge and employees; to build skills in existing employees; to support relevant research initiatives impacting either the company or an industry; and to be a place to make new contacts with others in the industry.  They aren’t supporting the school or hiring new employees just because it’s convenient, everything is done with a purpose behind it. Anything that supports that purpose is welcomed. Anything that makes it easier to collaborate is a plus. Anything that shows the university knows what’s important to the company is even better. 

It’s with this type of strategic thinking about corporate relations rather than tactical silos from universities that will help ensure future relationships and strengthen the bonds between each of them.

In their ASTD 2012 session, SU207 – Evolving Trends in Corporate-University Relationships, Howard Prager and Bill Shea will present a look at how these relationships can be better understood and integrated to help both sides work effectively. The session is designed to be interactive with tools and job aids shared to help each side better understand the views of the other in order to develop and strengthen these relationships.

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