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CPLP Builds Skills—and Boosts Careers


Mon Nov 10 2014

CPLP Builds Skills—and Boosts Careers

I was a CPLP pioneer, one of the first people to earn the credential. Early in my career, prior to the CPLP, there seemed to be many people in the profession delivering training in the workplace that really had no reliable body of knowledge as a core foundation or consistent standards. Many learned as they could by trial and error.

Tribal knowledge seemed to be handed down from one generation to the next and was often out of touch with the evolving workplace. There was little in colleges and universities that seemed to fit my needs. Nothing seemed to hit all of the areas I felt would make me effective and strategic shy of a degree in education or instructional design.


My experience earning the CPLP was perhaps one of the most influential moments of my career. The CPLP helped with my education, my consulting skills, and ultimately helped elevate my confidence. Today, I am able to provide strategic solutions that are laser focused and maximize ROI.

  • Education. I completed two masters’ degrees, joined Toastmasters, SHRM, ISPI, and ASTD. These degrees and resources helped, but there were still gaps in my knowledge and abilities keeping me from being as effective and valuable as I knew I could. The ATD Competency Model provided a clearer road map for my career development. It has become a reliable guide. The CPLP helped close the gaps in my knowledge, skills, and abilities and assisted me in gaining the experience I needed to best serve my clients and customers.

  • Consulting skills. This credential has empowered me in many ways. I play a role that is much more strategic today. Today, I am not a simple “order taker” when someone says they want training. Often, training is not the only solution. Perhaps there is an issue with process, resources, or motivation. Identifying and resolving these issues elevates the effectiveness of my efforts and provides greater support. I no longer focus solely on training; rather, I focus on performance. I seek to identify the performance gaps and offer realistic solutions to close those gaps. I can now be more consultative and recommend a total solution that produces lasting results for the businesses I serve.

  • Confidence. The confidence that comes from the CPLP is two-fold—my own as well as my stakeholders. The credential provides a level of credibility before I meet someone. Employers and clients recognize the CPLP credential as a source of professional excellence. Professionals recognize the CPLP as a way to identify a person’s basic ability to assess, understand, and do what it takes to drive performance. My CPLP credential gives me confidence that I can be of greater value to my clients and customers. I understand business better. I understand people better. I am able to be a strategic partner in the workplace. This elevates my value to others.

The CPLP credential has elevated the value we can bring to people and organizations in the profession, and it provides a common language for the industry. Ultimately, earning my CPLP gave me greater opportunities to make a lasting and sustainable difference. It keeps me current and on top of cutting-edge theories and techniques. This in turn allows me to provide my clients a competitive advantage that accelerates learning, performance, and profitability.

Since earning my CPLP, I have become a consultant, coach, and speaker, and have delivered speeches, workshops, and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. I have had the humbling privilege of supporting Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as international associations, including AmeriGas, Avis Budget Group, BMW, Central Park Conservancy, Cardinal Health, CareFusion, Children’s Holiday Magic Project, Cricket Communications, Media Communications International, Mercedes-Benz, and the U.S. Navy.

Learn more about the CPLP Certification.

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