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Sat Aug 15 2009


Success with Customer Relationship Management

Where multiple actions and reactions become a singular concept...


Sales success is driven by more than just a closed deal, your organization must build long-term relationships with your most valuable customer. Today, maintaining sales relationships is just as important as closing the sale. Having an expert sales force helps keep revenue flowing, but it is critical to maintain customer relationships so your client continues to bring in revenue to your marketing funnel, year after year.

Think about it:

Do your sales practices monitor and evaluate customer relationships after the deal is closed? What would your customers say about your execution? Turn your customer relationships into long-term revenue, and be ready to explain how you did it

(so you can do it again).

Truly successful sales people are able to do both, close the deal and maintain an excellent rapport with their clients. Ensuring your customers are satisfied is part of the entire sales process.


Some companies have customer service representatives handle client issues, and other companies expect their sales people to follow up with their clients on a continual basis.

Whatever your company desires, it is imperative to educate all levels of sales and customer service teams. The one characteristic of a well-established company is having an excellent customer relationship management system.

This system is exclusively designed to focus on building good relationships with customers so they grow and become even more successful.

Customer Relationship Management starts with a firm foundation built on sales competency and can help your sales team stay on the same page.

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