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Crushing Sales Goals


Wed Dec 20 2017

Crushing Sales Goals

To crush weekly, monthly, or yearly goals, reps need to deliver a superior sales experience. A new infographic from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research outlines nine ways sales reps can succeed in 2018:

  1. Drive value.

  2. Grow accounts.

  3. Bring insights to buyers.

  4. Collaborate and listen.

  5. Minimize buyers risk.

  6. Find the domino.

  7. Be proactive.

  8. Manage your time for maximum sales productivity.

  9. Develop the skills you need to succeed.

Armed with this information talent development leaders focused on sales enablement can create training, coaching, and other tools that help build top producers.


For instance, RAIN Group found that 71 percent of companies do not believe their sellers manage time effectively. You can implement performance support and knowledge management tools that help reps access frequently changing product data. Data from RAIN Group also revealed that three-quarters of sales reps could do a better job collaborating with buyers (73 percent) and listening to buyers (75 percent). Sales coaching is one way organizations can help sellers shore up critical skills.

So, as you dive into 2018, take a look at the infographic and see whether any of the sales enablement initiatives you have planned for the upcoming year address these important issues.

Source: https://www.rainsalestraining.com

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