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Despite Recession 75 Percent of Senior Executives Open to Career Change


Thu Jul 09 2009


Findings from the 2009 BlueSteps Executive Mobility Survey show that, despite the recession, 75% of currently employed executives are likely or very likely to consider a new job opportunity. The most important factor in an executive's decision to leave their current employer is poor company values, with 74% of respondents rating this as extremely important, up from 64% in the 2007 Executive Mobility Survey. Poor company values has replaced lack of career development as executives' most pressing concern when deciding to leave a company; 63% of executives voted lack of career development as extremely important in 2009, down from 74% in the 2007 survey.

Della Giles, Director of BlueSteps.com commented, "This openness toward new opportunities during a very difficult and unstable economic climate indicates that executives realize the importance of taking career management into their own hands, and that mobility plays a large part in that. While executives are still concerned with traditional things like professional development and responsibilities, they are also now more concerned than ever with the company culture and values."


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