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Do You Know What it Takes to Build an Engaged Workforce?


Thu Jul 09 2009


When it comes to Employee Engagement, do you know what your challenges are and what to do to adopt and implement the right engagement practices? A new playbook by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and ASTD provides actionable strategies for employee engagement that were established through a comprehensive global survey of industry respondents. The Building an Engaged Workforce Playbook highlights the problems that organizations face in regard to engagement and the potential solutions for addressing those problems.

\[more\]The 2008 study showed that on average, executives viewed only about a third of employees as highly engaged whereas nearly one in four were seen as minimally engaged or disengaged. The largest portion of employees - about four of 10 - was viewed as only moderately engaged. Since engagement was significantly correlated with better market performance, clearly there is justification for improvement. One solution to the engagement challenge involves making managers at all levels of the organization responsible for engagement. Few stakeholders say their leaders take effective actions to improve employee engagement, though most say their leaders should actually do so. Good relationships between employees and immediate supervisors are seen as the most important driver of employee engagement with a whopping 91% of respondents saying it drives engagement to a high or very high extent.


Building an Engaged Workforce Playbook presents solid evidence about how to help develop or enhance current strategies regarding your organization's approach to a topic which supports organizational effectiveness and overall long-term success.

The Building an Engaged Workforce Playbook is available for purchase from the ASTD Store.

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