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Embracing Diversity - Women.


Tue May 11 2010



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In the May 2010 issue of (T+D) Training and Development Magazine, an article written by ASTD correspondent writer, Aparna Nancherla, entitled "Career Pipeline Bears Pipe Dreams for Women", was alarming at best and further builds a case for the need of higher quality coaching and diversity training for Managers (and that includes Sales Training Mangers).

What does that say about the HR / Training industry?

According to a report by Catalyst Director Catherine Silva, "We've studied the barriers facing women in their careers for years - for example, stereotypes or presumptions about their abilities or interests - we had an opportunity (with a recent study) to test whether this held true. Sampling 4,143 women and men with MBA's, focusing on women with the same aspirations, conclusions are that men STILL had higher salaries in their first post-MBA jobs than women.

Catalyst Research also showed that there are "entrenched barriers to women's advancement, such as gender-based stereotypes, exclusion from informal networks, and lack of role models."


The Catalyst Research study further reports input suggestions from CEO's and Senior Leaders to explore the reasons on how to work toward a solution. Here are some of their suggestions:

1. Offer additional training when employees first get people management responsibilities.

2. Examine demographics and life choices of employees.

3. Check against unconscious bias.

4. Review salary growth metrics when taking on a new position or role.


5. Make assignments based on Qualifications, not presumptions.

6. Acknowledge the inequities that are destroying the pipeline (of qualified candidates for jobs).


WAKE UP! Say's Catherine Silva, "Don't expect that inequity will disappear just by giving it time and waiting it out".

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