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Emotional Intelligence: The Benefits of Singing the Blues


Tue Nov 15 2011


(From CNN) -- The concepts of emotional intelligence (EI), self-worth, authenticity, and employee meditation rooms might conjure up thoughts of new-age healing centers. But the benefits of tapping employees' emotional happiness mean the ideas are now being picked up by mainstream corporations.

Brochner Hotels, one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most successful boutique hotel chains, is one business discovering the benefits of EI. Karim Nielsen, the chain's CEO, says he introduced the strategy to shift the company's culture. Nielsen points to a reluctance, at times, of staff members to engage with customers, to sell its products and promote the brand. "The front desk is like a stop sign they don't go beyond," he says.


Now, Nielsen is sending all hotel employees through EI training to help them become more open and confident, understand their own limitations and fears, and to boost their self-worth and comfort in dealing with other people.

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