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Employee Turnover Expected to Rise in Next Five Years


Fri Oct 14 2011


(From PRWEB) -- Employee turnover is expected to increase worldwide during the next five years, according to a global survey by Right Management, the talent and career management experts within ManpowerGroup.

More than 2,000 internal and external recruiters, human resource executives and hiring managers from 17 countries representing more than 20 industry sectors participated in the Right Management survey.


Half the survey respondents globally expect higher turnover, said Bram Lowsky, Executive Vice President Americas at Right Management. "About a third foresees no change, and a minority a decrease, all of which points to greater turnover than organizations have been used to dealing with in the past decade."

Expectations of Higher Turnover in Next Five Years (Percentage anticipating slight or significant increase):

North America =59%

Asia Pacific = 58%

Europe = 41%


Global average = 49%

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