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Examining Cruise Ship Safety Training


Wed Jan 18 2012


Following last week’s cruise ship accident, CBS News decided to look into the training that crews receive. According to the resulting article, each year, a simulator near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, trains 2,000 junior and senior officers from cruise ships and cargo shifts. CBS News witnessed a mock disaster that simulated running aground, followed by the order to abandon ship.

"Everyone is going to be looking to the captain to make decisions that have to be made in a timely manner," said Gerry Pannell, a sea captain who directs training. "He has an onboard team \[to get the message out, including\] not only his bridge crew, but every other officer on board to deal with that emergency."


According to the article, officers receive several weeks of safety training, but many of the hundreds of waiters, maids, and support staff get only two weeks of such training.

Do employees at your company go through safety training? Do certain staff get more of this training than others?

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