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Executive Hiring Reemerging


Thu Sep 17 2009


GREENWICH, Conn. (BUSINESS WIRE)--Executive hiring appears to be reemerging at many organizations after being frozen for the last year due to the financial credit crisis based upon the results of the recent Claymore Partners' Labor Day__2009 Executive Talent Market survey with over 640 executive respondents. "Almost half of employers are now selectively hiring executives and significant reductions are greatly diminished based upon the survey results as well as our own executive search activity and market discussions," according to Mr. Landberg, Managing Director of Claymore Partners.

Health insurance, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, wealth management, investment banking, and consulting/professional services industries appear to be most robust in terms of executive hiring at this time. From a functional perspective, executive hiring increases are most pronounced in sales, consulting, and risk management/compliance. The direct impact of the financial credit crisis for most executives appears to be waning though strong hiring is not expected until mid to year end 2010 by most executives.


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