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February Big Question: What Questions?


Sat Feb 03 2007


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The February Big Question goes to the root of what The Big Question is all about. It is a topic that has bothered Tony for a while. In a session on Informal Learning by Jay Cross, Harold Jarche and Judy Brown at ASTD TechKnowledge, you could easily see great questions getting raised by both the presenters and the audience. "How can I help my organization improve the quality and quantity of conversations?" and "How can I create informal learning experiences for new managers in my organization?" These questions offered a fantastic opportunity for discussion and understanding of the subject.


Tony's revelation was that one of/if not THE biggest questions facing us is that we don't know the right questions to ask in a given situation. Sometimes we're asking a question when we should be asking a different one.

So, this month, The Big Question is...

What Questions Should We Be Asking?

Please answer this question by posting to your own blog or commenting on this post.

(For further help in how to participate via blog posts, see the side bar.)


Point to Consider:

  • Feel free to list questions from lots of different perspectives and at lots of different levels.

One last note. Don't worry about answering the questions you suggest. Perhaps we'll do that in future.

Participating Blogs:

The form for February's Big Question has been closed. If you have a post in response to the February Big Question, please contact the Blogmeister by using the Dear Blogmeister form which can be linked to from the top of the sidebar.

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