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Fri Jun 17 2011


 I hope you share my excitement when holding the summer issue of The Public Manager. It’s being distributed to subscribers right now. If you can’t wait, if you urgently need help with information overload, managing in a fishbowl, or attending to the big challenge of 21st Century government reorganization being considered by President Obama, go online at our siteThe Washington Post or The Federal Times or  elsewhere. 



Additionally as you head to your coffee break or meals later today, you can read in our journal or see on C-SPAN that the implementation of groundbreaking food safety law is moving forward collaboratively. We’re featuring a project based at Cornell University’s School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which (when I was young) served me the best whipped cream topped chocolate chip pancakes I’ve ever eaten!


Let me know what you think of the new interview Exchange - this time with Charlene Li - the Visionaries and other key new elements of The Public Manager.


Ilyse Veron, Editor


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