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Follow Up Anyone?


Fri May 29 2009


Activity doesn't count as follow up unless it helps your sales team advance the sales process...

Helping your sales team know and apply good follow-up practices to every sales call can increase closing rates by a significant margin. Based on practical experience, and backed by company-specific research, we have found that many sales people fail to perform the proper method of implementing the right follow-up activities after each sales call. As a result, sales are often lost due to this lack sales process execution.


With the ever-increasing difficulty to compete in today's market, you must help your sales people to leverage their skills and knowledge in order to help your organization capture more market share and help more clients succeed. One of the most important aspects of becoming a truly great sales trainer, is the ability to help each sales team member make follow-up calls on a consistent basis with each new potential customer and encounter.

Sales Call Follow Up Practices

Follow-up doesn't only mean getting back with a potential prospect. It also means your team needs to follow up with customers who have already purchased from your company. Appropriate follow-up with the right customers can yield additional sales and an increased top line. Moreover, when current clients continue to purchase your organization's products or services, referrals are more likely given.

We Help Your Team Master The Best Sales Call Follow Up Practices

If you want to learn all the proven and effective techniques in helping your sales team with their follow up activities, you need to learn more about how you can build sales training that drives revenue. Review information, tools, and resources to help you master important sales training skills. Remember, effective sales competency leads to improved customer sales and follow up activity for your organization.


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