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Four Ways to Captivate Talented Employees and Become an Employer of Choice


Thu Mar 16 2023

Four Ways to Captivate Talented Employees and Become an Employer of Choice

Recently, the importance of employee retention and attracting mission-aligned candidates has become clear in the corporate world. The key to achieving both goals begins with interviewing; the hiring process is integral to recruiting top performers. Employers and prospective employees must examine each other throughout the interview process to determine their overall compatibility. Interviewers must recognize that while evaluating candidates, they and the organizations they represent are also being analyzed.

Because we are currently in a candidate-oriented market, it is more important than ever for companies to deliver their best selves throughout the interview process. They must sell themselves and their brands by highlighting their culture, mission, values, and compensation. The best way to attract and keep high performers is by becoming an employer of choice. What are the steps you can take to become an employer of choice?

  • Invest in the training and growth of employees. Some employers believe their job is over once they hire an individual. But associates must be provided opportunities to learn—whether by bringing in trainers for entire departments or incentivizing the personal pursuit of success. This can be done by offering reimbursements to employees taking courses to advance their careers, paid time off to attend educational events, promotions, or bonuses.

  • Be true to your mission, goals, and purpose. Continuously executing initiatives coinciding with the branded culture of your organization ensures that associates witness your commitment. Help employees understand what role they play in maintaining your values. Be committed to reminding employees what the company cares about through your words and actions. This will inspire employees to work hard, proudly represent your brand, and positively influence the workplace culture.

  • Acknowledge and attend to your employees. Prioritize the human needs that each individual has rather than treating employees as cogs. People need connection, stimulation, inclusion, and safety. By providing those things at work, employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. So, make time to speak with employees regularly. Answer the questions, concerns, and requests of individuals promptly and thoughtfully. When possible, go the extra mile to meet their human needs, even when such an investment may not benefit your company directly.

  • Offer competitive compensation. Research what competitors in the job market are doing to entice associates and job seekers. This may seem obvious, but with the current state of the job market, benefits packages are evolving. For example, what healthcare and wellness benefits are others offering? Are you able to provide prospective employees with similar compensation or flexibility? Do other companies have a culture that is branded better online?

While it may not be reasonable to provide each of your employees with 10 percent raises every year, it is possible to offer everyone holistic, affordable coaching that may have an even bigger impact on their choice to stay with your business long-term. Helping employees better manage their finances, relationships, health, wellness, life experiences, and careers goes beyond what is expected of you as an employer. It shows employees that you see them as people, and they will show up stronger at work because of your willingness to support them.

Preparing for Interviews

Since the start of the Great Resignation, millions of employees have left their jobs to pursue better-aligned roles at companies offering them greater satisfaction. Therefore, it is integral for companies to develop their culture and compensation to position themselves as an employer of choice during interviews. With the tight candidate market, candidates are beginning to ask more insightful questions. Because of this, interviewers must be ready for top-performing candidates to ask the following questions:

  • How would somebody like me fit in at your company?

  • What are some reasons people stay long-term at this company?

  • What changes would like to see at your company?

If leaders proactively work on creating companies that prioritize employees’ professional and personal experiences, they can respond to these questions honestly and in a manner that will impress candidates.

When leaders and employees are invested in their organization’s culture, it is much easier to envision what candidate would be an ideal culture fit for their company. Because they know the company’s needs and what kind of person will mesh with the culture of the workplace, interviewers will be equipped to tell an interviewee how they would fit in based on their personality traits, background, and soft skills. Further, it will be easy to demonstrate why current employees stay if leaders are humanizing them, meeting their needs, and offering impressive compensation compared to competitors. Lastly, if an employer is not fulfilling their employees in a certain area, this will stand out in conversations, surveys, or culture audits provided by coaching companies like Activate 180. Knowing which areas to improve helps companies more quickly and adequately fill their gaps while enabling them to tell candidates what changes the business is planning to make or is currently executing.

Moving Forward

Today’s candidate market dictates the need for organizations to put their best selves forward to attract and keep top performers. Put employees’ lives first, account for their needs, and respond to their requests for improvement in meaningful ways, and you can become an employer of choice.


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