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From a Delayed Decision to Giving Back for a Good Cause


Fri Sep 16 2016

From a Delayed Decision to Giving Back for a Good Cause
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Achieving the CPLP credential was a personal challenge I set for myself several years ago to assess and validate my knowledge and skills in talent development. Joining the esteemed group of certified learning professionals gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

However, my CPLP journey wasn’t smooth. Initially I used the excuse of having 15 years of experience as a talent development practitioner to forego obtaining the certification. Then, once I decided to become certified, I let my lack of commitment and busy work and personal lives interfere with my preparation. I even had to reschedule taking the Knowledge Exam. 


However, when ATD released the new Competency Model in 2013, I finally decided to commit. I was sold on the updated areas of expertise (AOEs) and foundational competencies. Each AOE builds upon the others and forms the essential tenets of the entire talent development profession. Kudos to those behind this comprehensive and integrative model!

I started preparing for the Knowledge Exam by studying the ATD Learning System using a systemic and systematic approach. Because I did not join a study group, I created a personal study plan using the Learning System’s table of contents and the online practice Knowledge Exam. Then I sequenced the chapters according to my interest and set target completion dates for each, with the goal of completing every chapter two weeks before the exam date. I devoted more time and attention to chapters that were weighted more on the exam and topics that I needed to spend more time comprehending. 

For each chapter, I first performed a cursory review, which helped connect any prior knowledge I had to the new information I was learning. I highlighted topics I needed to spend more time on, and after completing my initial review, I revisited and studied those topics. I also took advantage of the chapter quizzes and made sure that any time I responded incorrectly, I reviewed that content. Finally, I used the Case Study Activities to reinforce my learning. 

If I completed an assigned chapter earlier than expected, I rewarded myself. This made learning fun yet rewarding. It took about three months (over weeknights and weekends) to prepare for the exam. A few days before the Knowledge Exam, I reviewed the topics I had highlighted or incorrectly answered in the practice quizzes. Overall, I believe that the ATD Learning System was a must-have. It helped me prepare, study, and pass the Knowledge Exam in the first attempt.

Preparing for the Knowledge Exam and earning the CPLP certification has inspired me to embark on a lifelong journey to give back—I am committed to building strong and vibrant talent development cultures. Thank you ATD for empowering me to give my best!


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