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From Learning Tree: Managing Global Projects


Tue Apr 26 2011


RESTON, VA (March 10, 2011) Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NGM: LTRE) has announced the introduction of a new course entitled Managing Global Projects. In today's growing global workplace, managers are often called on to lead projects and teams that span multiple continents and cultures. In this course, an expert instructor will teach attendees exactly what they need to know to effectively manage a geographically dispersed project. Additionally, attendees are shown the necessary skills for addressing cultural barriers unique to global projects, and how to build and communicate with a multicultural team.

This course is structured around a dynamic style of learning created by Learning Tree called RealityPlus-an immersive experience that engages attendees in authentic tasks within a simulated real-world context. Throughout this three-day course, an expert instructor will lead attendees through an immersive case study and individual and group activities, providing the skills to meet the demands of managing a global project. Activities include:

  • Identifying issues specific to global projects

  • Exploring the key skills of a global project manager

  • Defining objectives and deliverables

  • Analyzing stakeholders based on geography

  • Selecting appropriate communication tools

  • Dealing with cultural differences

  • Critiquing the work package

  • Creating product descriptions

  • Motivating across boundaries and cultures

  • Controlling global risks

  • Assessing governance issues

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the project office

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