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Generative AI in 2024: A Potential Lifeline Amid Workplace Turbulence

Published Thu Mar 07 2024

Generative AI in 2024: A Potential Lifeline Amid Workplace Turbulence

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CYPHER Learning commissioned Sapio Research, a third-party research firm, to conduct a study of 400 HR and business leaders across the US and UK. The study aimed to understand their priorities for 2024 and their attitudes toward generative artificial intelligence (AI) as a solution for building a more resilient workforce.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts 2024 will mark the beginning of “a new era of turbulence,” classified by a shifting global job market and the need for a more resilient workforce. Generative AI has emerged as a transformative tool to overcome resource constraints, enhance training materials, and narrow the skills gaps that will otherwise widen in this new era.


Key takeaways from CYPHER and Sapio Research’s report include:

  • HR and business leaders struggle to develop training due to resource limitations.

  • Many use generative AI in their roles, but barriers still exist.

  • People would be more open to AI if it were available in a more usable way.

  • Controlled and packaged AI can help prepare for the “new era of turbulence.”

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