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Get Ready for Mobile Sales Enablement


Tue May 03 2016

Get Ready for Mobile Sales Enablement

Are you trying to get your sales organization to go mobile, but don’t know where to start? 

Is your sales force equipped with mobile devices that are used for little more than email and Angry Birds? 


Do you have a hard time convincing other stakeholders in your organization (IT, L&D, Marketing) about the benefits of mobile? 

Should you build your own sales enablement app or rent one? 

Does a mobile implementation seem daunting and unattainable in your organizational environment? 

These are the types of questions SwissVBS will tackle at ATD 2016 International Conference & Exposition during the session: Lunch & Learn: Enabling the Mobile Sales Force. So, if any of these pain points resonate with you, we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

The focus of the Lunch & Learn session is how to enhance the sales experience through mobile. We will draw on real-world examples of success stories from Fortune 100 companies, and share some best practices and lessons learned. We will address such questions as: 

  • How did they mobilize their salesforce to enhance the customer sales experience and increase sales?

  • How did they create a business case to gain buy-in from internal stakeholders?

  • How did they leverage the power of mobile to bring engaging, interactive customizable product marketing and sales material to their customers? 

Bottom line: In today’s competitive marketplace, sales organizations need to be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed. They need a “mobile-first” sales solution that is designed from the ground up to meet the real needs of enterprise sales teams.

See you in Denver.

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