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Government Collaboration at ASTD 2013


Thu Feb 28 2013


I just left a great forum with more than 100 government training and development leaders in Washington D.C. where we talked about creating effective leadership development programs for government. Coming away from this session, I’m reminded of the opportunities for inter-agency collaboration and problem solving that happen when a group of industry leaders come together around a common goal.

As the manager of the Government Community of Practice, it’s my job (and pleasure) to bring these types of good conversations and problem solving to the ASTD International Conference & Exposition. At the conference, networking and idea creation has over three days develop, which only increases the depth of conversations and the rewarding experiences had by all. To help facilitate this, we host a government pavilion with two large rooms: one for networking and one for sessions tailored to the government.

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Here are some of the topics you’ll hear discussed in the government theater:

—immersive learning solutions

—new learning technologies

—performance management

—human capital and talent management


—hiring, recruitment, and retention

—succession planning.

If you work for the government, please plan to make the government pavilion your home at the conference.

Carrie Blustin

Community Manager, ASTD's Government Community of Practice



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