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Green jobs training hits the road in Nevada


Wed May 27 2009


CARSON CITY, Nev.-Nevada officials have begun awarding contracts for "green jobs" training projects that will be funded by federal money-and one consulting contract for $48,000 or possibly more has been awarded to a Clark County commissioner.

The contract was awarded by the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation to Lawrence Weekly. According to internal documents at the Legislature, the purpose of the contract was listed as "green jobs training coordinator-southern Nevada," with the contract starting last month. Weekly said that although he has seen other elected officials accept state contracts, he held off on accepting the offer because he feared a conflict of interest. "I didn't sign and start it until May," Weekly said. "I thought that might be a concern if I'm an elected official and working for the state."


Weekly said he asked the Clark County district attorney's office for an opinion and was told that based on his role, there was not a conflict. "I didn't have a part-time job before because I was always concerned about it," Weekly said. "I made sure I did as much due diligence as possible, and I was told there was no conflict of interest."

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