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Harnessing the Power of Books in the Workplace


Fri Jul 21 2023

Harnessing the Power of Books in the Workplace

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In the fast-paced digital era, books can seem like “old tech” that can’t compete with shiny screens, sophisticated algorithms, and convenient online resources.

But when it comes to driving professional growth, books remain one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. That’s especially true in the modern workplace when a book’s profound ideas are combined with digital tools to increase accessibility, insights, and application.


Keep reading to learn the benefits of book-based professional development, how books can elevate your team’s performance, and how to organize an effective modern book club.

The Benefits of Book-Based Professional Development

Is there value in turning to books for professional development when there’s so much information just a few clicks away?

Yes! Here’s why:

  • Deeper insights. The instant gratification of technology has its place. But books offer what that one-click tech can’t: a deeper, focused dive into powerful topics, well-researched ideas, carefully crafted narratives, thoughtful analysis, and expert guidance. It’s the difference between a cafeteria smorgasbord and a Michelin-star chef-crafted meal.

  • An immersive learning experience. Reading engages our imagination, ignites curiosity, and promotes deeper learning, whether via paperback, e-reader, audio, or high-level chapter summaries. Unlike skimming through digital articles or online courses, books have a way of capturing our full attention. This immersive experience helps team members absorb knowledge more effectively and retain it for extended periods.

  • Shared learning and a new language. When team members engage with powerful ideas in a book—then come together to talk about them—everyone gains a kind of “secret language.” Now everyone on the team knows what their co-worker means when they start a meeting with “Let’s start with our ‘why.’”

  • Cost-effective development. Investing in books for professional development is cost-effective compared to formal training programs, which can be helpful during times of economic volatility, like a recession.

How to Organize an Effective Modern Book Club

One of the most impactful ways to harness the power of books is by organizing a book club. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started on the right foot:

  • Make use of technology and flexible reading formats. Embrace e-books, audiobooks, and chapter summaries to give busy team members flexibility in reading formats. Giving people options improves the odds that team members will engage with the ideas in the book (the main goal!). If you have remote team members, you can use collaboration tools like video conferencing or project management software to hold discussions and engage everyone.

  • Stay focused on big ideas, not page counts. Instead of fixating on page counts, encourage members to focus on key concepts, themes, and takeaways. Provide discussion guides or prompts that spark meaningful conversations around the key ideas in the book. This approach will help prompt richer discussions, even if team members have different reading speeds or limited time.

  • Apply what you’re learning to your team. The actual value of a book club lies in applying the insights everyone takes away. Encourage team members to discuss what they’ve learned regarding challenges, projects, or wins the team has experienced together.

  • Curate a diverse book collection. Encourage curiosity and diversity of thought by curating a collection of books covering various topics, genres, and authors. Consider including books on leadership, innovation, personal development, or industry-specific subjects. Be open to suggestions from team members!

  • Prioritize discussion and participation. Set clear expectations for participation and emphasize the importance of engagement and contribution. When gathering and discussing the book, allow everyone to share their perspectives, ask questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue. Encourage an open and respectful environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, even with differing opinions.

Get Started Today

The final tip? Just get started! Pick a book and put a discussion on the calendar with enough time for everyone to engage. It might feel unnatural initially, but you’ll find your stride as you prioritize deeper team learning, collaboration, and powerful insights from the best books.


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