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Healthcare Employee Engagement Is Not Rocket Science


Wed May 03 2017

Healthcare Employee Engagement Is Not Rocket Science

There is no getting around the fact that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and profitability and performance. The most successful companies in the world have the highest levels of employee engagement, and they realize other important benefits, such as: 

  • increased productivity, customer satisfaction, performance, profitability, and employee retention

  • decreased safety incidents, theft, absenteeism, and quality defects. 

Taking this a step further, research from Towers Watson confirms the notion that an engaging work experience in healthcare improves patient satisfaction and quality of care outcomes. Currently, however, employee engagement is a challenge for many U.S. healthcare providers: 

  • 56 percent of healthcare workers are disengaged

  • 43 percent of these disengaged workers are seeking other employment options. 

So although the benefits clear, why do soo many healthcare organizations still struggle with employee engagement? My guess is that many think that it’s just too complicated. They’re wrong. While many solutions in life and work are as complex as rocket science, employee engagement is not one of them. 

During my decades of experience leading global Fortune 500 communications teams and advising CEOs, I have discovered four things organizational leaders must do to engage employees: 

  1. Get the right person in every chair.

  2. Create a line of sight between what employees do day-to-day and the company’s goals.

  3. Create a two-way communication culture.

  4. Recognize people. 

To learn how to inspire healthcare talent leaders to examine employee engagement and roll out effective solutions, check out the recording of my webcast: How to Crack the Code of Employee Disengagement and Increase Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

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