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Tue Jun 02 2009


The link between communication and sales success

Most salespeople are good communicators and generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. Typically, a salesperson is a good conversationalist and presenter. Salespeople must therefore be able to express thoughts, ideas, and plans effectively and when needed -- persuasively. Because the volume of sales communication constantly increases, the chance of information overload with buyers also increases. Today, more and more salespeople are likely to leverage new and emerging technologies for communication.

Does your training adapt?


Communication considerations:

  • How does the communication medium match the message?

  • How effective are your sales team members at speaking, writing, presenting?

  • Are all sales team members able to use the appropriate communication mediums (e.g., email, social networking, online presentation tools, voice mail, word processing software, PowerPoint)

  • Are salespeople adequately aware of cultural and socio-economic subtleties in their particular sales territory?

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