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Hogan Launches SafeSystem and Reveals How Personality Influences Safety Behavior


Wed Aug 18 2010


Tulsa, OK, April 8, 2010 -- Hogan Assessment Systems announces SafeSystem, a comprehensive approach to improving safety culture and performance within organizations.

Safety training can help employees become safer, but without insight into how individuals contribute to the safety climate, even the most extensive safety program will have limited success. "Traditional safety solutions focus on processes, but not people," says Ryan Ross, vice president of consulting at Hogan. "Creating a safety climate is different - it focuses on people, not systems."


Dr. Robert Hogan, president of Hogan, identifies three factors that are critical in improving workplace safety: culture of worker engagement, worker personality, and organizational leadership.

"These elements must come together before workplace safety can be improved," states Hogan. "The SafeSystem model evaluates an organization's current safety climate, profiles the safety orientation of new job applicants and current employees, and provides wrap-around coaching solutions that promote a workplace culture of safety."

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