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Honesty, humility best predictors for job


Thu Mar 10 2011


(From UPI.com) -- Employees who have the highest combination of honesty and humility have the highest job performance, U.S. researchers say.

Dr. Wade Rowatt, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor University, said the honesty-humility personality trait was a unique predictor of job performance.


"Researchers already know that integrity can predict job performance and what we are saying here is that humility and honesty are also major components in that," Rowatt said in a statement.

"This study shows that those who possess the combination of honesty and humility -- those who exhibit high levels of fairness, greed-avoidance, sincerity and modesty -- have better job performance. In fact, we found that humility and honesty not only correspond with job performance, but it predicted job performance above and beyond any of the other five personality traits like agreeableness and conscientiousness."

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