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How can a national ASTD member get involved with a local chapter?


Fri Jul 10 2009


The American Society for Training and Development has over 130 chapters across the country. Many national ASTD members are unaware of their local chapter and the benefits of joining as a chapter member. Both national ASTD and its chapters offer a variety of member benefits.

ASTD chapter membership provides the following:

  • Connect with professionals and companies in your community which can create a network for you to tap into when gathering information

  • Local professional development opportunities related to the workplace learning and performance industry

  • Information on legislation issues occurring at the state level

  • Leadership skills and development opportunities

National ASTD benefits are nationally centered. We are the leaders of the workplace learning and performance profession. Our magazines, industry and research reports, certificate programs, publications, and conferences are all available to members at the national level. We offer white papers and also have many social media sites which allow you to network with professionals from all over the country.

As you can see, both play a major part to the make-up of your professional career. I always encourage members to take advantage of a joint membership (both national and chapter) as they each provide beneficial resources which will help you in your professional career.For a listing of all ASTD chapters please click here.

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