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How Can Your Team Be Even Better?


Mon Aug 30 2021


Does your team have the capabilities it needs for your organization’s talent development challenges, both now and in the future? The Capability Outlook, ATD’s newest tool for talent development departments, will help you answer that question.

The Capability Outlook is built on the Talent Development Capability Model and provides a baseline for your team’s current talent development skills and knowledge, which can serve as the basis of a plan to increase your team’s impact and meet organizational goals through upskilling.


To use the data-driven tool, enroll your team in the Capability Outlook. Each member takes a self-assessment. Managers also assess each direct report and receive an individualized report, which outlines the staffer’s strengths and opportunities for development, as well as any misalignment between how the manager and the direct report rate their skills and capabilities. Further, learning leaders can ascertain where their overall team needs to develop based on organizational needs and goals.

Here are three ways teams can use the Capability Outlook:

  • Individuals: Based on their unique strengths and areas for further development, they can create a career development road map with their managers.

  • Managers: Equipped with new insights on their team, they can facilitate conversations with direct reports on areas of misalignment and can study the aggregate data for skills gaps.

  • Learning leaders: Armed with organizational data, they can filter data by role or other organization-defined category to make informed decisions about company structure and development.

With data in hand, organizations can select from an array of ATD-curated resources in these three Capability Model domains: personal, professional, and organizational. They can explore the skills and knowledge within each domain.

Any company may use the Capability Outlook. The associated fee is a $50 per individual for ATD national members and $150 per individual for nonmembers. A number of the curated resources—which range from blog posts, videos, and TD magazine articles to webinars and Education courses—are free. Others are member-only resources, and some have a separate fee.

ATD’s Effective Trainers: Traditional and Virtual Classroom Success research report found that high-performing organizations are more likely to invest in their trainers’ professional development. The Capability Outlook tool helps companies spend their time and energy on the right development areas.


Morgean Hirt, director of credentialing for ATD, will facilitate “Unleash Your Potential With the Talent Development Capability Model” on Wednesday, from 1-2 p.m. MT. This will be held both in-person in the Salt Lake City Convention Center in Hall C, Stage 3, and live steamed for virtual attendees.

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