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How Do You Coach Sales Teams Effectively?


Mon Jun 18 2012


It's becoming more and more expensive to hire new talent, and you can't expect that to change any time soon. So instead of looking outside your company for high performers, you'll need to start building them from within.

Sales coaching is an integral part of this process, but often managers don't know where to start. Learning to mentor someone isn't something you learn overnight. Being good at what you do doesn't always mean that coaching someone will come easy to you. To learn how to provide guidance, you might need a little assistance yourself. What are some of your coaching challenges?


Coaching Others Begins With Coaching Yourself

ASTD has a certificate program to help you learn how to successfully coach for sales. The Sales Coaching for Business Impact Certificate is a two-day workshop that leverages the research from ASTD's World-Class Sales Competency Model©.

Based on this research and the Coaching for Sales Results Area of Expertise, you'll participate in highly interactive exercises and sales team analysis while learning the foundation of effective sales coaching, proven coaching strategy and tactics, and take home tools you can use immediately in your organization.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand the area of expertise and foundational competencies effective sales coaches possess, based on ASTD's World-Class Sales Competency Model

  • diagnose individual performance to drive business objectives

  • learn four sales coaching styles and when to use them

  • use methods and strategies for observing, developmental feedback, and motivation

  • create coaching and development plans.

Become a better sales coach and inspire your team: learn how today!

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This pattern of turning star salespeople into mediocre managers is one that is recognized by most companies with whom we work. But interestingly, the observation is commonly accompanied by a casual shrug of the shoulders and the defeated concession, "That's how it always happens. I guess that's just the way it is."

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Putting yourself in another person's shoes can be an eye-opening experience. For professionals in learning and development roles, one challenge is staying connected to the current needs of your internal customers to be able to identify and create the most meaningful development programs. Being well-aligned ultimately will achieve a higher level of success.

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