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I Bet Your Sales Coaching Program Misses Many of These Best Practices


Tue Jun 05 2012


We feel that there are three distinct areas of coaching that are often overlooked.

First, from one of our T+D articles, a manager must understand the value of coaching, possess the skills, and make the time. So organizations must apply the following 5 practices: 

  1. Build the personal case for coaching - WIIFM

  2. Establish firm expectations – coaching is a primary responsibility

  3. Teach coaching skills and put them into practice

  4. Give a manager a coach

  5. Reward the best coaches with the best jobs

Secondly, and closely related to #3 above, what does a good sales coaching program look like? The points below are from a two day, best practice workshop we offer:

  1. Adhere to the 3 anchor points of sales coaching – Feedback, Observation, and Motivation

  2. Use the Keep, Stop, Start method of delivering feedback


Finally, we can’t forget salespeople in all of this.  Managers must recognize those that are coachable and those that are not.  To be coachable, salespeople must have the innate ability to sell and if so they must be motivated, open to being observed, and willing to receive feedback.  But now we are getting into sales competencies and that

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