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"I enjoy having this credential to show that I’m serious about my job and career...."

Published Tue Apr 25 2023


Who are the more than 4,500 talent development professionals who have earned the APTD or CPTD credential? Get to know the talented and diverse community:

Yvonne Bogard is an Instructional Designer in the US. She earned the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD®) credential in 2014.


Why did you pursue the CPTD? I pursued certification to expand my expertise and professionalism.

How have you benefited from the credential—professionally and/or personally? With the credential, I now have a broader knowledge and perspective about the talent development capabilities.

What advice would you share with others considering certification? I recommend the CPTD for professional satisfaction and accomplishment.

How do you think certification helps the talent development field? Certification prepares one to have a broader perspective than one particular capability.

How did your employer support your pursuit of the credential? My employer provided financial support and recognition.


What does having your credential mean to you? I enjoy having this credential to show that I’m serious about my job and career.

How did you get into the talent development field? When completing my first master’s degree, I took a couple elective courses that were offered online. I was hooked on instructional design from that experience.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Pursue your dreams and put in the time required to accomplish your goals.

What is a great book you’ve read recently? Small Teaching by James M. Lang

What is your favorite hobby or pastime? I enjoy horseback riding.


Have you earned the APTD or CPTD? Share your story with the community.

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