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"I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills crucial to my professional development."

Published Mon Jun 03 2024

"I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills crucial to my professional development."
"I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills crucial to my professional development."-Alanna Rodriguez_Edu Blog_Headshot.jpg

Alanna Rodriguez is a Sr. Organizational Change Management Lead for Lockheed Martin Enterprise Operations who earned the ATD Training and Facilitation Certificate.

What was the format of your course? Live online


What motivated you to enroll in this ATD course?

As a professional development enthusiast, I found ATD’s Training & Facilitation Certificate particularly appealing for several reasons. First, ATD’s stellar reputation in training and development assured me of the quality and recognition of its certification programs. I wanted to enhance my skills in designing and delivering engaging and practical training sessions, and this certificate promised just that. The practical, hands-on approach of the program was exactly what I needed to apply my learning in real-world scenarios. Finally, having a certification from such a prestigious organization would significantly aid in advancing my career. In terms of meeting my expectations, the program lived up to its promises, providing me with the tools and techniques necessary to elevate my facilitation skills, which has immensely benefited my professional growth.

In what ways has this course contributed to your career and/or personal growth?

By participating in ATD’s Training & Facilitation Certificate program, I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills crucial to my professional development. The program equipped me with advanced techniques in designing and delivering training that engages participants and ensures effective learning. This was particularly important to me as my goal was to become a more proficient and impactful trainer. Moreover, the curriculum offered insights into adult learning principles, which will help me tailor my training sessions to suit diverse learning styles better. The program provided me with all the necessary information and more to achieve my goals. The practical experience I gained through the hands-on components of the course enabled me to apply what I learned directly to my work, significantly enhancing my facilitation capabilities. Overall, the program was a pivotal step in advancing my career and expanding my professional capabilities in training and development.

Would you recommend this course to others? If so, who and why?


Reflecting on my experience with ATD’s Training & Facilitation Certificate program, I recommend it to others, particularly those early in their careers or looking to shift into training roles. This course is ideal for individuals who want to deepen their understanding of how adults learn and explore practical ways to facilitate engaging and impactful training sessions. The comprehensive curriculum and practical, hands-on learning experiences make it an excellent choice for those aiming to enhance their facilitation skills. Additionally, seasoned professionals looking to refresh their techniques or gain new perspectives in training would benefit greatly. The networking opportunities and the expertise of the instructors add immense value, making this program suitable for anyone serious about advancing their skills in training and development.

How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from this course in your personal or professional life?

Having completed ATD’s Training & Facilitation Certificate program, I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I've acquired personally and professionally. Professionally, I plan to redesign my current training programs to make them more interactive and engaging. The techniques I learned for fostering an inclusive learning environment will help me tailor my sessions to meet my participants’ diverse needs better. I also intend to implement the best practices in adult learning principles to ensure my training is more effective and memorable. Personally, the facilitation and communication skills I’ve developed will benefit my everyday interactions. Whether I’m presenting ideas in meetings, leading workshops, or simply engaging in discussions, I can now do so with greater confidence and effectiveness. The ability to articulate ideas clearly and encourage active participation will undoubtedly enhance my interactions and relationships both inside and outside of work.

How did you initially become involved in the talent development field?

I initially became involved in talent development through my Organizational Change Management (OCM) role. In OCM, a significant part of my job involved understanding how organizational changes impact employees and identifying strategies to facilitate these transitions effectively. This naturally led me to explore talent development, as it was crucial to ensure that employees were informed but also skilled and competent to handle new processes and technologies introduced by organizational changes. The more I engaged with talent development, the more I saw its direct impact on the success of change initiatives. By designing and implementing targeted training programs, I could directly influence the adaptability and efficiency of teams, which is essential in managing change. This realization sparked my interest in deepening my expertise in this area, prompting me to pursue formal education and certifications like ATD’s Training & Facilitation Certificate. This course has significantly enhanced my skills in developing and delivering training that supports organizational change, making it a vital aspect of my professional growth within OCM.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

The best piece of advice I ever received, especially relevant to my role in Organizational Change Management (OCM), was to “lead with empathy.” This guidance came early in my career during a mentoring session. It was a simple yet profound suggestion that has profoundly influenced how I approach my talent development and change management work. Leading with empathy involves understanding the personal and professional challenges that changes impose on employees and addressing these challenges with genuine concern and support. This approach has helped me to better connect with teams, facilitate smoother transitions, and foster a more accepting and collaborative environment during periods of change. It encourages me to always consider the human element in organizational decisions and to design training and development initiatives that achieve business objectives and support individual growth and well-being.

Can you recommend a great book you have read recently?

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

My favorite pastime is enjoying it with my family.

What is the most unusual or unique job you have held?

The most unusual and enriching job I’ve held was working as an Administrative Assistant at a language school in Puerto Rico. This role was unique because it blended administrative tasks with a language learning environment’s vibrant, multicultural aspects. My responsibilities extended beyond typical clerical work; I was deeply involved in coordinating communication between students from various cultural backgrounds and the teaching staff. I facilitated the enrollment of international students, managed schedules, and organized cultural exchange events that enhanced the learning experience. This position was exceptional because it allowed me to use my organizational skills in a setting that celebrated linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. Every day brought new challenges and learning opportunities, whether solving logistical issues, helping students navigate their courses, or ensuring the school met educational standards. This experience was instrumental in honing my administrative skills while deepening my appreciation for cultural diversity, which has been incredibly valuable in my broader professional journey.

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