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"I was able to establish myself as a stronger leader and team member..."

Published Thu Apr 18 2024


Who are the more than 5,000 talent development professionals who have earned the APTD or CPTD credential? Get to know the talented and diverse community:

Muhammad Faizan Awan is a Senior Manager, People and Culture, in the United Arab Emirates. He earned the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD®) credential in 2020.

Why did you pursue the CPTD?
I initially wanted a certified validation of my skills and experience, but as I started studying, I realized that the learning journey was adding immense value to multiple facets of my personal and professional life. I continued on my journey to recertify this year considering the enormous benefits of staying certified.

How have you benefited from the credential—professionally and/or personally?
Professionally, I was able to establish myself as a stronger leader and team member due to the refined practices and depth of knowledge based on the sub-segments of the professional and organizational capabilities.

Personally, I benefited enormously due to the domain covered under building personal capabilities. It has positively impacted my relationships and improved communication, along with other benefits that I will continue to enjoy throughout my life.

What advice would you share with others considering certification?
If you are someone similar to myself, you might experience decision paralysis, wherein you go into a spiral of thoughts related to is this the right thing to do, do I have enough time and resources, is it going to benefit me, and so on.

I would recommend that you do the online self-assessments, get acquainted with the Capability Model, create a study plan, and then register for the exam. There is never a perfect opportunity that arises. We create the perfect opportunities.

Another recommendation would be to allow the knowledge and concepts to meld into your practical life. Practicing concepts in your daily life will bring learning into action, which paves the way for greater professional and personal success.

How did your employer support your pursuit of the credential?
I had amazing colleagues at work who supported me by providing the motivation I needed to succeed.

What does having your credential mean to you?
It is part of my professional identity. Maintaining my credential means that I am up to date with the professional standards and developments on an international level.

How did you get into the talent development field?
Over the last 14 years of my career, I have thoroughly enjoyed the training aspect of it. I’ve developed a great level of interest in leadership development over the years and how it ties into succession planning. As an HR leader, talent development is one aspect of my work that brings me great joy.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Feel the fear but do it anyway.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
Investing time resources in personal development.

Have you earned the APTD or CPTD? Share your story with the community.


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