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Instructional Design: Experts Revisit Top Predictions in 2023


Fri Dec 08 2023

Instructional Design: Experts Revisit Top Predictions in 2023

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2023, we’re reflecting on the dynamic interplay of technological advances, shifting industry landscapes, and evolving professional priorities the world of instructional design has witnessed this year.

Earlier this year, we asked several professionals to share their top predictions for 2023. Check out what ATD experts said in “Instructional Design 2023: Experts Share Top Predictions” as we return to these same experts to explore what came to fruition, the trends that surprised us, and the lessons that paved the way for a transformative year in instructional design.


How did your predictions and insights align with the realities of 2023 in the field of instructional design?

“After AI, skills has been the hottest L&D buzzword all year. Microlearning garnered less conversation than expected. I was excited to see social learning trending. Priya Parker’s keynote at ATD23 reminded us of the power of gathering, social learning became a conference track, and noteworthy players brought social learning tech to market.”

Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, Founder, Your Instructional Designer

“Connecting with stakeholders on a human level is needed now more than ever. Technology can be a helpful nonhuman collaborator, but it takes real intelligence to uncover a story and design humanized solutions. Keeping people as the priority, talent development has a bright future.”

Rance Greene, Story Designer, School of Story Design

“I think my 2023 prediction came true and will continue into 2024. The influx of educators and tech tools to the L&D field—mixed with increasing layoffs—make it most critical to identify the right solution to a training or performance problem, rather than focusing on the tools.”


Heidi Kirby, Customer Education Manager and Co-Founder, Useful Stuff

“With budgets and resources on the line, the time to act is now. This year, Megan Torrance’s book, Data and Analytics for Instructional Designers, and Jess Almlie’s article, ‘Order Taker No More,’ inspired me to build strategic relationships with others outside our org and dispelled the myth that L&D’s role is merely content creation.”

Laurel Schulert, Senior Director of Learning Experience, SAP Concur

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