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Is Blended Learning the “Magic Bullet”?


Tue Jun 07 2016

Is Blended Learning the “Magic Bullet”?

Like many of you, I have heard for years (maybe even decades) that blended learning is the answer to providing learning anywhere at any time. But is blended learning really the “magic bullet” we all seek?

To answer that question, we must first address another question: What is blended learning? Is blended learning simply a combination of classroom and e-learning?


Many people still consider blended learning to be learning that has two components. But today's blended learning is much more. It typically involves "multiple content components and delivery methods based on what is best for the type of learning being designed," write Diane Senffner and Leslie G. Kepler in the October 2015 issue of TD at Work, “Blended Learning Done Right.”

No doubt, with technology allowing for increased opportunities to “flip the classroom” and reach our learners at the moment of need, knowing how to effectively blend learning programs is a critical skill for training professionals. But did you ever wonder how to use more than one delivery methodology to enhance the effectiveness of your training?

What’s more, many of our learners use technology each and every day successfully, but do we even have to include technology in our blended learning programs? It may surprise you to find out what’s available in your organization when you begin to discover the different methods to deliver information.

The Blended Learning Certificate program offers the opportunity to experience a blended learning program. As part of the program, you will do pre-work, participate in a classroom workshop, create a presentation, and participate in a virtual classroom. You will experience what our learners experience in creating these learning opportunities. During the classroom portion of the program, after concepts are delivered, you will have the opportunity to create your own blended curriculum design project, which you can carry on to your organization.

Want to learn more about how to use multiple delivery methods to enhance training? Join us for the next offering of our Blended Learning Certificate program.


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