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Is Your Organization Effectively Managing Talent?


Fri Apr 17 2009


In 2008, ASTD partnered with The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) to assess Talent Management Practices and Opportunities. The study identified potential stumbling blocks to effective talent management. Chief among those were organizational cultures that don't support talent management effectiveness and engage workers. When top leaders, as well as the larger organizational culture, support talent management, then it is much more likely to be seen as effective, with 51% of survey respondents reporting their "leaders see talent management as vital to organizational success" to a high or very high extent.

\[more\]The ASTD/i4cp Talent Management Practices and Opportunities Study show that there's considerable room for improvement in the degree to which organizations effectively manage talent. The largest segment of participants said their organizations could be more effective managers of talent. Just a fifth of the 518 respondents reported that their organizations were using talent effectively.


Source: Talent Management: Practices and Opportunities(ASTD/i4cp)

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