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Majority of Government Agencies Use Social Networks


Tue Jan 19 2010


Although most of your friends may not be jumping at the opportunity to share their online connections with the likes of the U.S. Census Bureau or the local chamber of commerce , local, state and federal agencies alike have joined the ranks of parents, grandparents and others new to the social networking scene. That's right, the U.S. government is joining Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and any number of other social networking sites in droves and they want to be your friend.

And here we thought grandpa joining Facebook was really the death of its coolness.


A recent report by the talent management companies Human Capital Institute and Saba brings us the numbers, estimating that 66% of government workplaces now use social networking tools, with 65% using more than one tool. The report compares the government's use of social networking tools with that of the private sector, noting that the government still trails with 29% not using any type of social networking compared to 15% of the private sector. But what does the breakdown look like?

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